Medabots S: Unlimited Nova Arrives Smartphone on 23rd January 2020

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Imagineer confirmed the launch date of smartphone game Medabots S: Unlimited Nova (メダロットS) on 23rd January 2020 during a live stream yesterday (28th November).



It is the first smartphone game of the Medarot series and will follow a three-versus-three command battle system like the original series. Players will be able to collect different parts and medals, as well as customizing your robot.

An original game scenario, featuring the iconic characters from past series, will also available. The story follows the protagonist, who comes into possession of a Medabot through unusual means, participates in the Robattle tournament known as the “Medalympics”.

Pre-registration Rewards

■ 30,000:Ruby X 4, Coins X 50,000 *Achieved
■ 50,000:Ruby X 20, Robots ”P-Rokusho” *Achieved
■ 70,000:Ruby X 4, Coins X 50,000
■ 100,000:Ruby X 40, Robots “G-Metabee”

Official Site

Official Twitter

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