Dragalia Lost X Mega Man Collaboration Starts Today

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Cygames RPG Dragalia Lost starts collaboration event, Mega Man: Chaos Protocol today (29th November). Players will have the chance to obtain Mega Man through the collaboration quest!


Collaboration Events

Players will be able to obtain wyrmprints that will be useful in the collaboration quests as quest rewards, as well as challenge difficult quests. If you increase your friendship with Mega Man, a 5★ adventurer, you’ll be able to permanently add him to your team!

Mega man’s classic animation is faithfully recreated in Dragalia Lost!

Event-exclusive weapons will also be available for your characters to unleash Mega Buster!

Collaboration period: Nov 29 6:00 AM (UTC) ~ Dec 16 5:59 AM (UTC) / Nov 28 10:00 PM (PT) ~ Dec 15 9:59 PM (PT)

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