Idol Anime “22/7” Reveals New Visual and 11th January on Air

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TV anime of idol project “22/7” reveals the second key visual, premiere date on 11th January, and title of its first episode, “Sayonara, Watashi no Sasayaka na Sekai” (Farewell, My Small World).

22/7 is an anime series created as part of the multimedia project between Yasushi Akimoto, Aniplex, and Sony Music Records. The series features the idol girl group of the same name. AKB48 founder and producer Yasushi Akimoto produces the “dimension-crossing” idol group, which has eight anime idol characters, with their respective voice actresses performing as idols in the real world.

The series is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Norn9 director Takao Abo (阿保 孝雄), with Chiaki Nagai (永井 千晶) and Reiji Miyajima (宮島 礼吏) handling series composition.

The opening theme song is “Muzui”, and the ending theme song is “Sora no Emerald”, both performed by 22/7.


One day, Miu Takigawa receives a mysterious letter from a talent agency “GIP”. Destiny brings Miu and 7 other girls together, and they are told to form an idol group. Led by a man named Gōda, Miu finds herself before a secret underground facility and a mysterious “wall”, as they step into their fate where light and darkness swirl around.

Characters and Cast

■ Miu Takigawa (滝川みう) – CV: Nagomi Saijō(西條和)

■ Sakura Fujima (藤間桜) – CV: Sally Amaki (天城サリー)

■ Miyako Kōno (河野都) – CV: Mizuha Kuraoka (倉岡水巴)

■ Reika Satō (佐藤麗華) – CV: Chiharu Hokaze (帆風千春)

■ Jun Toda (戸田ジュン) – CV: Ruri Umino (海乃るり)

■ Akane Maruyama (丸山あかね) – CV: Kanae Shirozawa (白沢かなえ)

■ Ayaka Tachikawa (立川絢香) – CV: Reina Miyase (宮瀬玲奈)

■ Nicole Saitō (斎藤ニコル) – CV: Mei Hanakawa (花川芽衣)


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