Fight with the Stationery Girls! Mobile RPG Starea Days Wiked Announced

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Clinks announced today (3rd December) that a mobile simulation RPG is currently underway titled “Starea Days Wiked” (ステリアデイズ・ウィキッド). It will land on both iOS and Android in 2020.

The game turns your daily stationery items into girls and you got to raise them to battle.


At a school, there are girls with unique power named “Starea” (ステリア) coming from the stationery items. The player will be a new teacher in the school and solve the mysteries and problems together with the Stationery Girls……


■ Pencil (鉛筆) – Peruru Suparuraito (ペルル・スペルライト) – CV: Hina Kino (木野日菜)

■ Eraser (消しゴム) – Isha Kuromu (イーシャ・クローム) – CV: Manaka Iwami (石見舞菜香)

■ Ruler (定規) – Rianeru Rarusesu (リアネル・ラルセス) – CV: Haruka Chisuga (千菅春香)

■ Ballpoint pen (ボールペン) –  Refī Superuraito (レフィー・スペルライト) – CV: Maaya Uchida (内田真礼)

■ Cellophane tape (セロファンテープ) – Sena Toripuno Fantero (セナ・トリプノ・ファンテーロ) – CV: Rie Kugimiya (釘宮理惠)


You can follow the game on Twitter and pre-register via LINE and e-mail.

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