Hiro Fujiwara's New Manga Series Launches Today!

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As LaLa DX magazine previously revealed in October this year, the author of Maid Sama! (会長はメイド様!), Hiro Fujiwara (藤原ヒロ) launches a new manga series named “Tsukishima kun no Koroshikata” (月島くんの殺し方) (How to kill Tsukishima) today.

Slightly different from the monthly LaLa Magazine, where Maid Sama! was serialized, LaLa DX publishes bi-monthly so we can expect a new chapter every other month.


It is a romantic story between the daughter of a U.S. real estate company’s president, Ema Howard (依茉・ハワード) and a member from the family of assassins Ren Tsukishima (月島蓮). As Ema has a certain kind of ability, she is being used by her father for his business. The story begins when Ema is transferred to a high school in Japan as the Howard real estate company just entered the Japanese market. In order to dig some dirt up on the family of assassins, Ema approaches Ren……

About Hiro Fujiwara

Hiro Fujiwara (藤原ヒロ) is the author of Maid Sama!, which had been serialized in LaLa Magazine from 2006 to 2013. It was a big hit and inspired a 26-episode TV anime adaptation in 2010. Her last work was “Will Yuki Fall Into Hell?” (ユキは地獄に堕ちるのか) which has ended in 2016.

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