Hatena Illusion Confirmed 9th January Premiere

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The TV anime adaptation of Tomohiro Matsu’s (松智洋) light novel series Hatena Illusion (はてな☆イリュージョン) confirmed that it will premiere in Japan on 9th January 2020. A preview screening of the first episode will be held on 22nd December, main cast members including Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (松岡禎丞), Aina Suzuki (鈴木愛奈), Miyu Tomita (富田美憂), and M.A.O will make an appearance.

Children’s Playground Entertainment is producing, with Shin Matsuo (松尾慎) as the director and Tatsuya Takahashi  (高橋龍也) is handling the scripts.


The story centers on Makoto Shiranui (不知火真), a teenage boy who aspires to be an illusionist. He goes to Tokyo and becomes an apprentice of the world-famous illusionist Mamoru Hoshisato (星里衛). In Tokyo, he meets his childhood friend Kana Hoshisato (星里果菜) again. Meanwhile, there is a rumor that the phantom thief in town is a cute girl……

Characters and Cast

■ Makoto Shiranui (不知火真) – CV:  Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (松岡禎丞)

■ Kana Hoshisato (星里果菜) – CV:  Aina Suzuki (鈴木愛奈)

■ Left: Yumemi Hoshisato (星里夢未) – CV: Miyu Tomita (富田美憂) ; Right: Emma Sakurai (桜井エマ) – CV: M・A・O

■ Left: Kokomi Kikyoin (桔梗院心美) – CV:  Sumire Uesaka (上坂すみれ) ; Right: Mariah Grene (マライア・グレーネ) – CV: Satomi Arai (新井里美)

■ Left: Mamoru Hoshisato (星里衛) – CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya (細谷佳正) ; Right: Mabe Hoshisato (星里メイヴ ) – CV: Yoshino Nanjo (南篠愛乃)

About Hatena Illusion (はてな☆イリュージョン)

It is originally a light novel series written by Tomohiro Matsu (松智洋) and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki (矢吹健太朗). It had been serialized from 2014 until it was halted in 2016 as Tomohiro passed away. In 2019, StoryWorks continued the work and titled it “Hatena Illusion R” (はてな☆イリュージョンR). It also inspired a manga adaptation in 2018 and it is still on-going.


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