Mobile ADV Snowman Story is Officially Out Today!

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Japanese independent game company Odencat announced today (13th December) that a new mobile ADV “Snowman Story” is officially out.

Its previous titles include Bear’s Restaurant (くまのレストラン) and Fishing Paradise (フィッシング・パラダイス), which are developed and published by Daigo Studio.

Story and Gameplay

Players will play as a snowman in the game, who tries to escape from melting as spring approaches. Players will need to head north and they will meet different animals on the way. They may also gather the relics from other snowmen and have a peek of their previous lives.


The game also comes with a follow-up story costs at JPY 240. It will reveal the past of the snowmen in the main story through the magical power of “someone”. The length of the follow-up story is approximately 30 minutes.

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