RPG MGCM: Magic Am I Will Arrive on Mobile and Collaborate With STEINS;GATE

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During a live stream on 23rd December, Studio MGCM announced that its browser game MGCM: Magic Am I (マジカミ) will arrive on mobile in the early Summer of 2020. Also, it will get a collaboration with “STEINS;GATE” in March 2020.

Mobile version

The whole game is ported from PC to mobile. For now, it is confirmed that the game will land on App Store, Google Play, and DMM GAMES STORE. Players can also transfer the game saves from the browser version to the mobile version. Further details will be revealed when the game is open for pre-registration.

▲ Screenshots from the browser version of the game

Collaboration event with STEINS;GATE

It will get a collaboration with the adventure game “STEINS;GATE” in March next year.  It will present an original story based on the MagiCami (マジカミ)  and STEINS;GATE universe. There will also be limited outfits and dresses. More details will be revealed in the near future.

Half-year celebration event

■ Free Gacha x 10 (every day)
■ Duration: 26th December 2019 to 6th January 2020

About MGCM: Magic Am I

It is a magical girl RPG browser game, published by DMM GAMES in 2018. The story is set in the Shibuya in Japan. Players need to team up with 12 magical girls to unravel the mystery and protect the citizens.

MGCM (マジカミ)’s Opening Movie

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