Kandagawa Jet Girls PS4 Game Prologue Movie Released

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Marvelous has just released the prologue movie for Kandagawa Jet Girls’ PS4 game!

Kandagawa Jet Girls is an original IP project by Marvelous featuring a TV anime series which aired in Fall 2020 and a PS4 game.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is due out 16th January for PS4.

About the Game

The game is categorized as an action racing game. Players will be able to participate in jet racing using characters from the series.

Each race will have strategic elements as players make full use of the weapons and features of their jetmachine.

About the Project

Kandagawa Jet Girls revolves around a water sport known as Jet Race (ジェットレース). Each team will have two members, a Jetter (ジェッター) who drives the jet ski and a Shooter (シューター) who will be attacking opponents with a water gun.

The story follows Rin Namiki who leaves her hometown to go to Tokyo where she pursuits her dream of becoming a professional Jetter and her partner Misa Aoi.

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