“Whisper of the Heart” Confirms Live-Action Movie and will Premiere on September 18 in Japan

Mr. Qoo

A live-action movie is confirmed for Aoi Hiiragi’s (柊あおい) 1989 manga “Whisper of the Heart” (耳をすませば) and is scheduled to premiere on 18th September 2020. The classic romantic manga also inspired an anime film adaptation animated by Studio Ghibli in 1995.


The story is set 10 years after the original manga’s story. Now 24, Shizuku Tsukishima (月島雫) has given up her dream of being a novelist but works hard every day to sell books as a children’s book editor at a publishing company. Meanwhile, Seiji Amasawa (天澤聖司) is still following his dream abroad, even as the distance between him and Shizuku grows ever larger.

The film stars Nana Seino (清野菜名) as Tsukishima and Tori Matsuzaka (松坂桃李) as Amasawa. Live-action “The Promised Neverland” and “ERASED” director Yūichirō Hirakawa (平川雄一) is directing the movie, which Sony Pictures Entertainment and Shochiku will distribute.


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