New Otome ADV “AnotherPrince~ Lost Stories~” Coming in Spring 2020, Pre-registration Starts Today!

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Frontier Works announced the title of an upcoming otome ADV “AnotherPrince~ Lost Stories~” (AnotherPrince ~失われた物語~) and is scheduled to launch this Spring. Pre-registration of the game also starts today (14th January).

“AnotherPrince~ Lost Stories~” adapts the theme of “Prince x Fairy Tale x Vampire” and players will be able to read the story by spending the story tickets. Five free scenario tickets will be distributed every day. The ending of the story will be different depending on the options that you made.


Accidentally dropped into the fairy tale, you encounter an ikemen prince named “Cinderella”. He leads you to a mysterious library, which housed an old storybook that tells the familiar tale of “Cinderella”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Rapunzel”. But the pages go blank in the middle of the story and all the princess is transformed into a prince.

The prince is forced to create a brand new story, which involves the secret of a blood curse. You are invited to write the following stories of these blank pages.


■ Cinderella from Cinderella

■ Rapunzel from Rapunzel

■ Loreley from the Little Mermaid

■ Thalia from The Sleeping Beauty

■ Belle from Beauty and the Beast

■ Alice from Alice in Wonderland

■ Beowulf from ???

Pre-registration Rewards

500: Scenario Tickets X 5
1,000: Scenario Tickets X 5 + Stamina
2,000: Scenario Tickets X 5 + Stamina
3,000: Scenario Tickets X 15 + skill-up items

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