HUNTER×HUNTER ARENA BATTLE Confirms Release Date on 30th January

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DeNA’s upcoming card battle smartphone game HUNTER×HUNTER ARENA BATTLE (HUNTER×HUNTER アリーナバトル) announces that the game will officially launch on 30th January on iOS and Android platforms.

Developed by Nippon Television Network and ForGroove, “HUNTER×HUNTER ARENA BATTLE” is a PVP card battle game aiming to showcase all the charm of TV anime “Hunter × Hunter”.


Game System

Each player will have 30 cards on the deck. There are two types of cards: Character Card and Action Card. Character card holds the unique ability (nen) of the character and can create strong attacks, while action card give advantages to players during battles and can only be used once in every turn.

Character combo is available for specific character combinations. Advantages will be given to players, who put these cards on the deck.

The game offers four battle modes, including Dōjō, Rank Match, Free Match, and Room Match.

Players can train their battling skills with CPU in Dōjō or with their friends in the Room Match. Free Match will match players randomly for battles. Rare items and hunter titles will be available for those with higher ranks in Rank Match.

Players can also watch the signature scene from the anime after finishing specific missions.

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration has reached 150,000 and players will be able to obtain hunter coins for 20 times gacha, as well as the following rewards:

10,000: Action Card X1 *Achieved
30,000: Login Bonus UP (Hunter Coin X 3000 for 10 times gacha) *Achieved
50,000: In-game Stamp with Voice *Achieved
100,000: S character, Hisoka *Achieved
150,000: Login Bonus UP (Hunter Coin X 6000 for 20 times gacha) *Achieved
200,000: SS Character Guaranteed Gacha Ticket X1

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