[Qoo Otaku] Exclusive Interview with Witchspring Director Suyoung Jang


Just as 2019 came to an end, creators of the Witchspring series, Kiwi Walks, released the fourth title to the series, Witchspring 4. QooApp was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with the director of Witchspring 4, Suyoung Jang.


Witchspring 4 was released on 19th December. The game takes place in the continent of Ürphea, after the witch-hunt which spanned over the last three games. Players play as Moccamori, a little queen on a mission to fight the pope and rule the world.


Interview with Suyoung Jang


▍Q1 What were the inspirations behind the Witchspring series and how did it all start?

There aren’t a lot of single-player mobile games in the market right now. We have always hoped to see more single-player RPG games in the market, and so, we started to create our own single-player RPG, the Witchspring series.

▍Q2 All the games in the series revolve around witches. Is there a reason why the series is based on witches?

We wanted to create something different from the typical RPG where players play as the hero and save the world. To do that we picked something opposite from heroes, Witches. We wanted to give players an RPG that offers them a unique experience and a different perspective from playing as the hero.

▍Q3 Witchspring 4 features quite a variety of new features. Were these features all designed with the new game? or were some of these features designed for previous games, but ultimately not implemented until now?


All the features in each game are designed specifically for the Witch of the title. For example, Eirudy’s from Witchspring 3 has a strong relationship with dolls. Because of that, we created Doll system where she can control dolls.

In Witchspring 4, Moccamori is a queen, so we created the minion system which complements her character setting. Each of the game’s system is designed with the main story of the game in mind.

▍Q4 In comparison with the previous titles, the monsters in Witchspring 4 are more diverse. What was the design process like?

In fantasy novels and games, there are already a lot of staple monsters. To order to avoid repetition, we invested a lot of time in creating the monsters you see in the games.


Typical monsters like armored goblins and trolls won’t be added to the game because they don’t fit the world setting of Witchspring. Every monster we add to the game has its own story, if we added armored goblins and trolls, we would have to explain why they wear armor, but it would fit in the lore of the game.

▍Q5 Is there a specific feature you are most proud of or what to highlight in the new game?

I would like to highlight the protagonist Moccamori and the journey she goes through from being a queen of a small kingdom to achieving her dreams.

▍Q6 Of all the witches in the series, which one is the most significant to you and why?

This is a question I get asked a lot. To be honest, all of them are precious to me and there are many wonderful memories attached to each one. Each time we start creating a new title, we fully commit ourselves to the project, each of the protagonists is like our own daughter so it is really hard for me to just pick one (lol).

▍Q7 What does the future hold for the Witchspring series?

Right now we have plans for the series up until Witchspring 6. We are currently working out the order in which we reveal the details to everyone. We have received proposals from overseas partners and is currently working on porting our games to other platforms.

▍Q8 Are there any words you want to share with fans of the series?

Yes. We will continue to develop new games with love and passion. We thank all our players from the bottom of our hearts. Please look forward to our next title.

About the Witchspring 4

Witchspring 4 takes place in the continent of Ürphea, after the witch-hunt which spanned over the last three games. Players play as Moccamori, a little queen on a mission to fight the pope and rule the world.

The game was released on 19th December.

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