“Kingdom Hearts” Confirms a New Smartphone Game this Spring

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Square Enix popular RPG title “Kingdom Hearts” announces a new smartphone game hitting iOS and Android mobile devices in Spring 2020. Known as “Project Xehanort”, a new Twitter account is opened for the announcement.

The official website of “Kingdom Hearts” has updated a new page for the project. Under the tagline “Why did he become the seeker of darkness?”, the new mobile game will presumably explain how Xehanort’s fall to darkness and transformation into the main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Guess the Name Campaign

A “Guess the Name Campaign!” is also held on Twitter. If you can guess what the name of the upcoming Project Xehanort title, you can win big! There are very few hints. All we know is that it will be Kingdom Hearts __ __ with eight letters and two words. The campaign will end on 28th January at 6:59 p.m. PT

Official Site

Official Twitter

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