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Bring it On! “Granblue Fantasy Versus” is Officially Out Today!

Mr. Qoo PS4

Co-developed by Cygames and Arc System Works, PS4-exclusive video game “Granblue Fantasy Versus” is officially launched in Japan and Asian Store today (6th February).

Though the North American release of “Granblue Fantasy Versus” is set to release on 3rd March, the game’s Asian version includes full English options, which means you could change the language into English in Settings if you bought the game in Asian PlayStation Network today!

About “Granblue Fantasy Versus”

Produced by Yuito Kimura (木村唯人) and directed by Tetsuya Fukuhara (福原哲也), the 2.5D fighting game is created based on the worldwide smartphone hit, “Granblue Fantasy”.

“Granblue Fantasy Versus” (GBVS) is a fighting RPG game that allows players to experience a brand new story featuring their favorite Granblue characters. The main story of the game revolves around Gran. Chaos has befallen the Sky Realm, and Gran alongside his former allies once again takes to the sky on their airship, Grandcypher on an adventure to find the source.

The game features a VS mode and RPG mode, as well as a character enhancement and customization system, where players will be able to further strengthen their favorite characters as well as equipping them with different equipment and skills.

Game Features

■ Stunning 3D graphics and dynamic actions

Your favourite characters will be transformed into 3D models and the stunning graphics certainly bring the extensive Granblue universe to life. The dynamic performance certainly draws eyebrows when the characters unleash their unique Charge Attacks.

■ Suitable for both beginners and mature players

Players will be able to unleash different skills with simple commands, which allows beginners to handle the game right away. For mature players, they will have fun unleashing skills in correct timing and plotting strategies to guard yourself from the opponent’s attack.

■ Challenge the primal beasts in RPG mode

The RPG mode allows you to challenge the powerful primal beasts, which many Granblue fans may find familiar with. The “Overdrive” system, which allows primal beasts to become more powerful in a limited time period, also emerges in the Summons battles.

■ Upgrade your characters and Customize their Weapons

The weapon grid and elements from the smartphone game will reappear in GBVS as you will be able to upgrade the element grids to challenge different stages. You can also forge weapons from shop, as well as selecting support skills for Gran.

■ Clear Quests Battles with Friends

Quests Battles are also available in RPG mode, where you can play with a partner, either locally or online.

RPG Mode Bonus

Complete the RPG mode in GBVS to get a serial code redeemable for 5,000 crystals in “Granblue Fantasy”! You can also redeem the Vyrn Suit outfit after clearing the Hard difficulty of the RPG mode!

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