“ONE PIECE Bon! Bon! Journey!!” Global Ver. Now Available for Download!

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The global version of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s latest “ONE PIECE” smartphone game “ONE PIECE Bon! Bon! Journey!!” has pre-launched in Singapore and it is now available for download in the QooApp Store!

“ONE PIECE Bon! Bon! Journey!!” is the first puzzle-solving game of the franchise, and the global version supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Korean and French.



“One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!” is the first match-three puzzle game for the “One Piece” franchise. Players can attack the enemies by matching the same characters. Same as the original manga series, the characters will have their own skills and attacks.

Same as the manga series, the game starts from Luffy’s hometown Windmill Village. As the players progress, they can revisit the scenes of the adventure of Straw Hat Crew. Also, players can build their own island and hang out with the characters there.

★4 Character Reroll After Tutorial

After the tutorial, players will be able to draw one time gacha for free and obtain a ★4 character. Reroll of the gacha is possible, so don’t miss the chance to take your favorite characters home! Here are some of the characters available for the first time gacha:

The game is currently holding a “The World’s Strongest Swordsman” Event, where you can collect points and obtain a ★3 Zoro. ★4 Dracule Mihawk and ★4 Monkey. D. Luffy will also appear in the “BON BON Festival” gacha event!

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