“Monster Hunter Riders” Smartphone Game Reveals Characters and will Launch This Month!

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Based on CAPCOM’s popular franchise “Monster Hunter”, upcoming smartphone RPG “Monster Hunter Riders” (モンスターハンター ライダーズ) revealed characters and cast during a live stream. The game is slated to launch in Japan this month.

魔物獵人 騎士

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“Monster Hunter Riders” retains the core animation style and spirit of the franchise and players will be able to collect the popular monsters from the franchise with more to be added in future updates.

The game features a completely original story and is set in the Ferujia Continent (フェルジア大陸), where once suffered from a catastrophic disaster. Ten brave knights and their dragons saved the world and since then started the Kingdom where monsters and riders coexist for hundreds of years. People now call these saviors the “Ten Great Dragon Knight”.

魔物獵人 騎士

魔物獵人 騎士

Characters and Cast

■ Mari – CV: Lynn
She is a rookie from the center city, Rakua (ラクア) and starts the journey with the protagonist.

魔物獵人 騎士
■ Harushion – CV: Soma Saito (齊藤壯馬)
The descendants of the “Ten Great Dragon Knight” and also travel together with the protagonist.

魔物獵人 騎士
■ Hiruda – CV: Maaya Sakamoto (坂本真綾)
She is the head of Rakua (ラクア) and spokesperson of Rider Guild, who is known for her great knowledge and experienced Rider techniques.

魔物獵人 騎士
■ Irenu – CV: Aki Kanada (金田晶)
She is a rider from Rakua (ラクア) and is addicted to doing research. She develops an affinity to inject poison to herself for experiments.

魔物獵人 騎士
■ Narugateru – CV: Yuna Taniguchi (谷口夢奈)
She is a rider and phantom, who collects information from the tavern as a waitress.

魔物獵人 騎士
■ Seren – CV: Miyuki Satō (佐藤美由希)
She comes from the Snow city, Sereru (セレル) and travels around the world for a specific purpose.

魔物獵人 騎士
■ Geovany – CV: Yōji Ueda (上田燿司)
He is a fallen noble Rider whose family was accused of treason.

魔物獵人 騎士

Pre-registration Rewards

Players can now pre-register the game through the official website and you will be able to obtain the following rewards when the game is launched.

魔物獵人 騎士

100,000:Zeny X 2500, Rider Minerals X 1000, Otomon Dumpling Piece X 500 *Achieved
200,000:★3 Rio Leia eggs

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