“Symphogear XD UNLIMITED Global” Officially Launches Today, Together with “Attack on Titan” Crossover Event

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Bushiroad and Pokelabo announced that the global version of “Symphogear XD UNLIMITED” joins forces with hit TV anime “Attack on Titan” for a collaboration event starting from today (13th February), alongside the app’s global release.

Collaboration PV

Titan Symphony Collaboration Event

The collaboration event, Titan Symphony, will be available upon release of the app. The event will feature collaboration stories and cards of signature “Attack on Titan” characters including Eren, Mikasa, and Levi. Players can also obtain a bunch of items including Song Stones and Enhancers in the event.

For the collaboration cards, the Scouts and Symphogear Wielders will work together in special attacks, as well as regular attacks. These Symphogear cards also come with special voices.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration reaches 70,000, all players will be able to obtain the following rewards!

[clear] 10k+ Pre-registrations: 4★ Chris Yukine MEGA DETH PARTY x1
[clear] 30k+ Pre-registrations: Gacha Ticket x3
[clear] 50k+ Pre-registrations: 4★ Chris Yukine MEGA DETH PARTY x1
[clear] 70k+ Pre-registrations: Song Stone x200
100k+ Pre-registrations: 4★ Chris Yukine MEGA DETH PARTY x1

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