Mazinger Z Emerges Tamashii Nations!

Mr. Qoo

The second stop of the Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour just kicked off at the opening of C3HK 2017. The tour made their first stop in Brazil’s CCXP Expo during 1st December – 4th December, 2016 in which they displayed a fascinating collection of life-sized Saint Seiya replicas alongside figures aimed for the western market including characters from DC’s Suicide Squad.

For C3HK 2017, Tamashii Nations brought a different collection of display catered to local preferences. From Giant robots like Mazinger Z to Ultraman and Rockman, Tamashii Nation spared no expense to give C3HK 2017 visitors a one-of-a-kind experience.

To really drive visitor’s excitement,right at the entrance of their exhibition, Tamashii Nations set up a massive Mazinger Z replica. The series first aired in Hong Kong in the early 70’s and was a huge success, opening the trend for giant robots in Hong Kong. As the franchise continued to grow, Mazinger Z has captured the hearts of many generations of anime fans.

Inside their booth, alongside the various Mazinger Z figures, Tamashii Nations displayed their dominance as one of the top Japanese anime collectible provider with figures from series that are very much loved in Hong Kong, including Evangelion , Ultraman, different units from the infamous Gundam Series, and one of 90’s kids favorite, Digimon.

Carefully designed senarios combined with a majestic display of fan-favorite characters and robots alone is a reason to visit the Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour booth at C3 this year, but if that doesn’t get your blood boiling with excitement, within their exhibition, there is a unique display which depicts the iconic Mazinger Z emerging from a secret base hidden underground.

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