3D Action Game “Honkai Impact 3rd” Launched for PC on 13th February

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miHoYo’s popular 3D action game “Honkai Impact 3rd” was officially launched for PC, together with a new update version and new battlesuit! Check out the official press release for further details.

<<Official Honkai Impact 3rd Press Release>>

Interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo announces that “Honkai Impact 3rd” is now available on PC in Southeast Asia and Taiwan from 13th February 2020. The game was also updated with a new version (v3.7), “Sublime Spring”, and a new battlesuit, “Azure Empyrea”.

Honkai Impact 3rd v3.7 Trailer

About “Honkai Impact 3rd” and the PC version

“Honkai Impact 3rd” has achieved over 200 million downloads on Android and iOS platforms. Featuring stunning cel-shaded graphics, immersive storylines, infinite combo action and smooth controls, the game has won popularity since its launch on mobile devices.

The game is set in a modern world corrupted by a mysterious energy known as “Honkai”. A group of brave girls, known as “Valkyries” tries to resist the resists the disaster brought by this powerful force. Players will be able to control up to three “Valkyries” and switch between them freely in battles. An expensive selection of equipment is also available for you to customize the stats and skills of the “Valkyries”.

Forrest Wei Liu, President of miHoYo, explained that the PC version of “Honkai Impact 3rd” would retain the charm of the mobile version, while introducing unique control and UI tweaks to create a truthful yet improved experience.

Additionally, the PC version has cross-platform support, meaning that players can carry over progress by using the same account on PC and mobile devices, giving players the freedom to choose platforms.

Version 3.7 Update “Sublime Spring”

The game has also been updated with v3.7, “Sublime Spring”, that includes a new battlesuit, “Azure Empyrea” and S-rank ELF “Book of Fuxi”.

“Azure Empyrea” is a PSY battlesuit marked by versatile skills triggered from different ATK combinations, and can drastically increase team Elemental DMG while offering powerful crowd control with her Ultimate.

The game is also holding a New Year event, “Empyrean Legends” and new BP season, “Hour of Judgement”. Where you could obtain Darkbolt Jonin’s Qipao outfit, “Peach Sanctuary”, items, Honkai Shards, Mind Stones and more!

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