Sing "Yesterday" for Me Anime Reveals Trailer Movie and Additional Cast

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The TV anime adaptation of Kei Toume’s (冬目 景) manga, Sing “Yesterday” for Me (イエスタデイをうたって), reveals a trailer movie, additional cast and theme song’s artist. It is scheduled to premiere on 4th April 2020.

The series will run for 18 episodes, with the first 12 episodes airing on television and the last 6 episodes available through streaming on AbemaTV.

Trailer Movie

Staff and Theme Songs

The series is animated by Doga Kobo and directed by “New Game!” director Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (藤原 佳幸), with Fujiwara and “Laid-Back Camp” series composition Jin Tanaka (田中 仁) writing the scripts and “Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru” chief animation director Junichirō Taniguchi (谷口 淳一郎) designing the characters.

Rock band Yourness (ユアネス) will perform the untitled opening theme song.


After college, Rikuo Uozumi, a boy without much ambition in life, takes on a job at a convenience store. The days pass by uneventfully for Rikuo until he meets his former girlfriend and classmate, but especially thanks to the unusual Haru Nonaka, and her pet raven…

Additional Characters and Cast

■ Kinoshita (木ノ下) – CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (鈴木達央)

■ Kyōko Sayama (狭山杏子) – CV: Maaya Sakamoto (坂本真綾)

■ Chika Huzuhara (柚原チカ) – CV: Eri Kitamura(喜多村英梨)

■ Minato (湊) – CV: Yuuki Ono (小野友樹)

■ Morita (杜田) – CV: Kaori Nazuka (名塚佳織)

■ Katsumi Takishita (滝下克美) – CV: Shun Horie (堀江瞬)

■ Takanori Fukuda (福田タカノリ) – CV: Takuma Terashima(寺島拓篤) / Kozue Fukuda (福田梢) – CV: Aya Suzaki (洲崎綾)

■ Kansuke (カンスケ) – CV: Ryōko Maekawa (前川涼子)

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