Here Comes an Unusual Fairy Tale! Otome ADV “Kemono X Hanayome” Officially Releases!

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KONPEIDO’s otome ADV “Kemono X Hanayome” (ケモノの従者と王子の花嫁/ transl. The Beast’s Followers and the Prince’s Bride) officially releases today (19th February) for iOS and Android devices.



The heroine is a writer in SF magazine. One day, three humanified beasts visit you and claim that they are seeking a worthy bride for their prince. Considering that it would be a good story for your magazine, you decide to start the journey with those beasts.


Game System

Players will be able to select different characters and view 2 story chapters for free everyday.

Your selection in the story will affect the Beast Index of the characters and thus determine whether it becomes a beast or human at the end. The camera mode also allows you to take photos with your favorite characters.

Characters and Cast

All the cast members are 2.5D musical actors and their voices will be featured in the game.

■ Lezard – CV: Haruki Kiyama (丘山晴己)

■ Arendt – CV: Keisuke Yamauchi (山内圭輔)

■ Mao – CV: Yūki Torigoe (鳥越裕貴)

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ケモノの従者と王子の花嫁 Kemono X Hanayome ケモノの従者と王子の花嫁 RIZ Inc. 3.6 More
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