“Othellonia” X “Monster Strike” Collaboration Announced for 21st February!

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DeNA tactic smartphone RPG “Othellonia” (逆転オセロニア) confirms to collaborate with XFLAG slingshot game “Monster Strike” (モンスターストライク) starting from 21sTt February 2020.


Login Bonus

To celebrate the collaboration, players who login during the collaboration period, will obtain special chess [Partner of Diseaser] Azu & Pandora (S+).

Event period: 21st February 2020 (Fri) 12:00 ~8th March 2020 (Sun) 11:59 [JPT]

Collaboration Gacha

“Monster Strike” signature characters will appear in the collaboration gacha. A collaboration character (A+ or above) guarantee gacha ticket will also be presented to all players to celebrate the collaboration!

Event period: 21st February 2020 (Fri) 12:00 ~8th March 2020 (Sun) 11:59 [JPT]

Also, one collaboration character is guaranteed for every 10 pulls.

Collaboration Characters

■ [Hope Guiding Angel] Binā(S+)

■ [The Great Angel] Gabriel(S+)

■ [Miracle Executor] Moses(S+)

■ [The One Who Brings Light] Lucifer(S+)

■ [Horror King] Nostradamus(S+)

■ [Queen From Mirror Kingdom] Alice(S+

■ [Supreme Noble Sword] Excalibur(S+)

■ [Wise Magician] Solomon(S+)

■ [Loving Angel] Mana(S+)

■ [Undestructable King] Arthur(S+)

Collaboration Site

Official Twitter

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