Mobile RPG “Arknights” Episode 5 Updated Pushing Story to its Climax

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Yostar Games’ popular RPG “Arknights” has updated the fifth episode “Necessary Solutions” for its English server, together with the addition of new characters and events! Check out these exciting updates with the official press release below!

<<Official “Arknights” Press Release>>

Since the EN server of strategy mobile RPG “Arknights” launched on 16th January, four dedicated episodes are available for players to start their journey on Rhodes Island. Now the game is updated with Episode 5 [Necessary Solutions] which has really pushed the whole situation to the edge!

Along with the unlocked storyline, the game is updated with multiple contents, including new characters, furniture, and events.


About Episode 5

After Rhodes Island encountered FrostNova, the Reunion focused their aim towards Lungmen. Meanwhile, a cloud of doubt and suspicion has settled over Lungmen.

Amiya, the leader of Rhodes Island, personally hands over what she learned in Chernobog to the Lungmen Guard Department. But things never really go as planned. When Amiya confronts the Reunion’s terrifying “FrostNova”, L.G.D. Officer Ch’en receives the fateful news…

New Characters

Five new operators have been added to the main story, including six-star guard Ch’en, five-star guard Swire, four-star caster Greyy, three-star defender Spot, and three-star guard Popukar.

Ch’en is the Special Inspection Unit Chief, and her colleague Swire is a senior superintendent. Both operators serve in the Lungmen Guard Department.

Greyy, Popukar, and Spot serves on Rhodes Island. Greyy is an extremely talented operator, who is good at wielding electricity and technology. His AoE damage cab reduces a target’s movement speed while attacking.

Popukar and Spot are members of Op Reserve Team A6. Under a tiny and cute shell, Popukar is ready to rev her chainsaw and fight anytime; Spot is a real tough guy with a meek mind. As a healing defender, he can block enemies while healing fellow teammates.

Login Bonus

Starting from 5th to 19th March, players, who log in for 7 consecutive days will be able to obtain new outfits of Veitafield [Rewilder] Series Classics and Bitter Herbs for Myrrh.

Also, new furniture sets Ch’en’s office and Colombian Modern Hotel, new outfits for Exusiai, Cliffheart, Cuora, and headhunting events are also available in the game.

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