(19/3 Updated PV) Luffy Kabedon Big Mom? “One Piece” Characters Transformed into Otome Style Under the Pen of Mangaka Yōko Maki!

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Retired Shōjo mangaka Yōko Maki (槙ようこ), who is known by her work “Aishiteruze Baby” (愛してるぜ ベイベ★★) reveals a collaboration project with Eiichiro Oda’s (尾田 栄一郎) worldwide manga hit “One Piece”, which portrays the signature “One Piece” characters in otome style. A special movie is also updated on 19th March to celebrate the collaboration.

The collaboration project titled “One Piece Kaizoku Musou” (trans. One Piece The Dream of Pirates) reveals a visual, where transfer student Luffy makes an unusual kabedon (壁ドン) on Student Council president Charlotte Linlin! The visual also features other female characters, including Nami, Robin and Hancock.

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■ Luffy
Luffy is a transfer student, who accidentally transferred to the Otome-only Whole Cake Private School. His arms can stretch to a long distance in order to kabedon girls at any time.

■ Charlotte Linlin
Charlotte is the Student Council president of the school and is only interested in desserts until the appearance of Luffy.

■ Nami
Nami is the accountant of the Student Council and she loves money very much. She handles all the financial issues of every club in the school and every student is intimidated by her. However, she cares about her friends and has gained the trust of the surrounding people.

■ Robin
Robin is the Librarian of the school and has read every single book in the Library. She always remains calm, but her sharp tongue always surprises the others.

■ Hancock
Hancock is the Beautification Committee, who cares about her own beauty rather than beautifying the school. Her beauty has captured the heart of every boy from other schools, but her heart falls for Luffy.

■ Carrot and Reiju
Carrot is a positive girl who likes to take care of animals. She normally wears an adorable hat with rabbit ears, but she has another side when the full moon comes out at night.

Reiju comes from a rich and noble family. She has a sharp mouth but actually has a very gentle heart. She has a brother who frequently trespasses to the school.

■ Tashigi
Tashigi is the Captain of Kendo Club. She is a humble and serious person, but sometimes so careless that one time she forgot to wear glasses to the competition and almost lost.

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