Shadowverse x Street Fighter V Collaboration

Mr. Qoo

Cygames’ flagship digital collectible card game Shadowverse crosses over with CAPCOM’s Street Fighter V, bringing some of the most iconic names of arcade fighting games including Ryu, Chun Li and Vega to the Shadowverse universe.

To make things clear, the collaboration won’t really be adding unique Street Fighter V cards to Shadowverse, but players will be able to decorate their deck with Street Fighter V character skins and sleeves to pimp out their deck.

Here’s what characters we know will appear as of now and the class they will represent in Shadowverse:

Ryu – Dragoncraft

Chun Li – Swordcraft

M. Bison – Shadowcraft

Cammy – Forestcraft

Juri – Runecraft

Vega – Bloodcraft

Karin – Havencraft

The collaborations starts in Spring 2017.

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