"IDOLY PRIDE" Anime New Teaser Video Reveals Premiere Date in Winter 2021

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Based on the multimedia franchise by CyberAgent’s subsidiary company QualiArts, Music Ray’n and Straight Edge, the TV anime “IDOLY PRIDE” (アイドリープライド) teased a new video confirming that the series will premiere in winter 2021.

Anime Teaser Video

Mana Nagase Character PV

A character video is also streamed introducing new idol, Mana Nagase (長瀬麻奈), voiced by Sayaka Kanda (神田沙也加).


Hoshimi-city in the suburbs of Kanto. The name was chosen because the town is best suited for observing the annual meteor shower. Hoshimi Productions (星見プロダクション) is a small entertainment agency in the city. Nagase Mana (長瀬麻奈) made her sensational debut from the agency by winning a series of live battles. Then she quickly ran up the idol ranking “VENUS Program.”

A few years later, Hoshimi Productions holds an audition to find new idols, including Mana’s younger sister Kotono Nagase (長瀬琴乃) , and Sakura Kawasaki (川咲さくら) who has a voice just like Mana’s. In addition to the two, more idol candidates start gathering at Hoshimi Productions. Then, ten of them start living together in a dormitory.

Meanwhile, TRINITYAILE, who aims to surpass Mana, and LizNoir, who has a strong sense of rivalry against Mana, stand in front of them and compete with each other with pride. With the mixed feelings surrounding Mana, the idols strive to become the best.

Staff and Production

“Asobi Asobase” assistant director Yu Kinome (木野目 優) is directing the project, while Tatsuya Takahashi is in charge of series composition, and Sumie Kinoshita (木野下 澄江) is designing the characters following the original design by QP: flapper.

Lerche works on anime production under the production of CAAnimation.

Characters and Cast

Hoshino Production
■ Kotono Nagase (長瀬琴乃) – CV: Mirai Tachibana (橘美來)

■ Sakura Kawasaki (川咲さくら) – CV: Mai Sugano (菅野真衣)

■ Rei Ichinose (一ノ瀬怜) – CV: Moeko Yūki (結城萌子)

■ Nagisa Ibuki (伊吹渚) – CV: Kokona Natsume (夏目ここな)

■ Haruko Saeki (佐伯遙子) – CV: Nao Sasaki (佐々木奈緒)

■ Saki Shiraishi (白石沙季) – CV: Koharu Miyazawa (宮沢小春)

■ Chisa Shiraishi (白石千紗) – CV: Kanon Takao (高尾奏音)

■ Suzu Narumiya (成宮すず) – CV: Kanata Aikawa (相川奏多)

■ Mei Hayasaka (早坂芽衣) – CV: Moka Hinata (日向もか)

■ Shizuku Hyōdō (兵藤雫) – CV: Yukina Shutō (首藤志奈)

■ Rui Tendo (天動瑠依) – CV: Sora Amamiya (雨宮天)

■ Yu Suzumura (鈴村優) – CV: Momo Asakura (麻倉もも)

■ Sumire Okuyama (奥山すみれ) – CV: Shiina Natsukawa (夏川椎菜)

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