"HELIOS Rising Heroes" Opens for Pre-registration! 2nd Teaser Movie Previews Game System!

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Cacalia Studio by Happy Elements yesterday (5th April) opened the pre-registration of smartphone game “HELIOS Rising Heroes” (エリオスライジングヒーローズ), which is set to release this summer. A new teaser movie is also streamed to preview the game system.

2nd Teaser Movie


50 years ago, a high energy source, “Substance”, from outer space dropped on the State of MILLION, bringing unlimited resources to the depleted earth. However, it was also the source of the world-spread disasters.

To face the increasing threat, the State of MILLION established a strategic department “HELIOS” and entrusted the energy crystals discovered from the “Substance” to the selected few. All in special abilities, “Heroes” were born, bringing peace to the place.

Now, the State of MILLION is divided into four different sectors. Heroes compete with each other to become the top of “Sector Ranking”, aiming to take the title of “MAJOR HERO”…

Game System

Players will play as the commander of the heroes and make correct commands in battles. Utilizing the heroes different skills and abilities will be the key to win the battles. You can also unleash the heroes’ Link skills, which can enhance their status.

The heroes’ ultimate skills are performed in dynamic 2D animation. Teamwork is crucial in battles and you will be able to achieve greater damages with their Union Attack.

In Adventure Mode, players will be able to assign the heroes to petrol the city. Individual stories will be unlocked during the petrol and you will get to know more about the daily lives of the heroes.

Customize your Commander’s Room with different furniture and decoration. The heroes will visit the room in their SD form.

The main story is fully-voiced and beautiful cutscenes will be available.

Pre-registration Rewards

Players can pre-register the game simply by following the official Twitter and obtain the following rewards:

・30,000:Ruby for 2 times Gacha *Achieved
・50,000:Ruby for 4 times Gacha *Achieved
・70,000:Ruby for 6 times Gacha
・100,000:Special Commander’s Room Furniture and 10 times Gacha Ticket

Official Site

Official Twitter

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