The Stationary Girls Are Here! “Starea Days Wicked” Now Available for Download!

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CLINKS yesterday (19th May) officially launched the stationary anthropomorphic smartphone RPG “Starea Days Wicked” (ステリアデイズ・ウィキッド) for iOS and Android platforms. The game also celebrates its pre-registration reaching 40,000.



Players will play as the new teacher of a high school, which is full of students known as “Stationery Girls”. You have to nurture and engage these anthropomorphic stationary characters into battles against the mysterious creatures who try to attack the school. The turn-based battles require strategy as you have to utilize the girls’ skills to turn things around.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration reaches 40,000, all players can obtain a total of 1,500 Crystals (equivalent to 30 times gacha). A UR guarantee gacha is also available after completing the quests of Chapter 1 ~ 3.

Game Launch Campaign

The game is also holding a ten-days login campaign until 22nd July 2020. Players can obtain a total of 2000 Crystals (equivalent to 40 times gacha.

A Game Launch Celebration Gacha is also available, where players can obtain characters, cutter, hole puncher, binder, and Glue!

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