Fire Force Season 2 Premieres July 2020

Mr. Qoo

The official Fire Force TV anime website has released a new PV for the upcoming second season for the series featuring “SPARK-AGAIN” by Aimer, the OP to the second season.

In addition to the new PV, the staff for the upcoming season was also revealed alongside a new cast member.

Miyuri Shimabukuro (島袋 美由利) will be joining the cast members as Inka Kasugatani (因果 春日谷), a new character who will appear in the second season.


Yuki Yase (八瀬 祐樹), the director of the previous season will be replaced by Tatsumi Minakawa (南川達馬) who directed the 12th episode from the first season. Minakawa will also be overseeing the script for the second season. Yumenosuke Tokuda (徳田 夢之介) will be joining Hideyuki Morioka (守岡 英行) and Yoshio Kosakai (小堺 能夫) as the role of Chief Animation Director. Morioka is also listed as the Character Designer. The role of Art Director will be held by Yoshito Takamine (高峯 義人) who is the art director for the first season, and Kazunori Miyazato (宮里 和誉). Shin’ya Takano (高野慎也) will replace Daisuke Kusaka (日下 大輔) as CGI Director.

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