ASH ARMS JP x Muv-Luv Alternative 2nd Collaboration Launched

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Today (22nd May), the Japanese version of ASH ARMS launched their second collaboration event with Muv-Luv Alternative!

The collaboration will bring back the previous collaboration units as well as the brand new collaboration 3★ Medium Tanks, Irisdina Bernhard MiG-21 Balalaika (アイリスディーナ MiG-21 バラライカ) Mitsurugi Meiya Takemikazuchi Type-00R (御剣冥夜 武御雷 Type-00R)!

Collaboration Event

During the collaboration period, players will be able to challenge the special Muv-Luv event story. Completing all the collaboration missions will reward players with the collaboration limited 3★ Medium Tank, Takamura Yui Takemikazuchi Type-00F (篁唯依 武御雷 Type-00F).

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