“Echoes of Pandora” Weapons Anthropomorphic Smartphone Game Officially Launches

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Eyedentity Games Japan today (28th May) officially launches the smartphone RPG “Echoes of Pandora” (エコーズ オブ パンドラ – Echoes of Pandora -) for iOS and Android devices.



The game sets in the 22nd century when A.I, mechanism, and time travel become prevalent. A terrorist group, SPHINX, rises and tries to alternate history with time travels. As a commander of the country’s safety department, you have to join forces with the weapons anthropomorphic girls, known as Pandora.

Players will be able to build teams with more than 120 bishojo characters and command them to win in battles. You can also customize the commander’s room with different furniture and interior decorations. Increase the intimacy of the characters and you may have the chance to marry them!

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch, all players can obtain SSR character Tiger II (School Uniform Skin Ver) as the reward.

Official Site

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