“Elderark” Turn-Based RPG Now Available for Download!

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FUNYOURS JAPAN yesterday (25th June) officially launched the turn-based smartphone RPG “Elderark” (エルダーアーク) for iOS and Android devices.

The game centers on the adventure story of the protagonist Ain (アイン), his maid Rica (リカ), and the adventurers known as Strutos (ストルトス), as they join hands to solve different incidents during their journey.



Each character will have two styles known as “Form” and players can switch their forms according to the features of the battles. The “Form” includes attack, defense, debuff, etc. You can also switch characters from your team during battles.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration of the game reaching 100,000, all players will receive Wing Crystals x 1,500 (equivalent to 10 times gacha) and 10 times Gacha Ticket x 1 as rewards.

Players can also obtain a maximum of Wing Crystals x 2,580 by logging in the games from 25th June ~ 29th July 2020. 1 free draw is also available for players every day until 29th July 2020.

The game is currently holding an event “The Tea Party of alchemists” (錬金術師たちのお茶会), where players can obtain special characters, nurturing materials and Wing Crystals.

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