Bandai Namco’s New Multimedia Project “Den-On-Bu” Announced! Key Visual, Cast and Character Revealed!

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Bandai Namco’s sound entertainment business line ASOBINOTES yesterday (28th June) announced the initiation of a new anime character music project titled “Den-On-Bu” (電音部). A key visual, main staff, cast, and characters for the project are also revealed.


About “Den-On-Bu”

“Den-On-Bu” is an authentic dance and music project, which aims to present “an encounter experience with new contents” to the audience. The project will organize live performances utilizing “BanaDive AX”, an interactive virtual performance system that utilizes game AI and xR technology.

In addition to the automatic DJ play by 3D characters, visual effects using lighting effects and viewing effects using AR are also possible. During DJ play, the audience can decide the next song in real-time. The project will have activities around the world under different media. The project’s unit also joined Asobinote Online Fes held on 28th June.

World Settings

The project is set in the near future and electronic music becomes the main music culture of the world. The technology advancement brings a brand-new music world and the rise of a group of charismatic superstars, known as “DJ”.

As people are yearning to become the top players in the electronic music industry, a competitive live performance “STACK BATTLE” is the perfect platform for them to hone their skills. The culture has infiltrated into high schools and brings popularity to “Den-On-Bu”, a place for the talented young girls to create music with their friends.

“I believe in my music and my friends are No.1! ”
This is a youth story for the girls to prove themselves.

Characters and Cast

Illustrator Mika Pikazo is credited as the character designer of the project, which centers on 12 high school girls in 4 units. The cast includes several idols, musical artists, and vtubers.

Sotokanda Bungei High School

■ Reina Hidaka (CV:Yuuka Shidomi)

■ Kazune Shinonome (CV: Miho Amane)

■ Kayano Futaba (CV: Sena Horikoshi)

Jingumae Sando High School
Hina Minakami (CV: Nichika Ōmori), Mimito Sakurano (CV: Yurie Kozakai), Shian Inubousaki (CV: Rena Hasegawa)

Minato Sirokane Girls High School
Aki Shirokane (CV: Arisa Komiya), Tama Kurogane (CV: Akina), Ginka Haijima (CV: Azuki Shibuya)

Teion International High School
Mitsuki Seto (CV: Sister Claire), Karin Houou (CV: Sukoya Kana), Lucia Taiga (CV: Sara Hoshikawa)


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