“The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross” x “Attack on Titan” Collaboration Starts Today!

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Netmarble smartphone RPG “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross” (七つの大罪 ~光と闇の交戦)  today (29th June) starts the collaboration event with TV anime “Attack on Titan” (進撃の巨人). Details about the collaboration are also revealed.

Collaboration period: 29th June 2020 (Mon) After Maintenance ~16th July 2020 (Thur) After Maintenance


Crossover Story and Special Quests

During the collaboration period, a special crossover story and quests will be available. The story starts when the Seven Deadly Sins investigate the abnormal earthquakes and fire incidents in the northern forest of the Kingdom of Liones. There, they meet a mysterious trio and the gigantic titans, who teleport to this world by a portal.

The trio is indeed Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, as they join forces with Seven Deadly Sins to battle against the titans and search their way home.

Special quests and boss raids will be available for players to obtain special costumes, SSR character guarantee gacha ticket, and nurturing materials. A special login bonus campaign is also held for players to obtain SR collaboration character【Cadet Corps】Eren Jaeger.

Collaboration Characters

Three collaboration characters Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, will be available in the pick-up gacha.

■ SSR【Attack Titan】Eren Jaeger – CV: Yūki Kaji (梶 裕貴)

■ SSR【The Strongest Soldier】Mikasa Ackerman – CV: Yui Ishikawa (石川 由依)

■ SSR【The Strongest Soldier】Levi – CV: Hiroshi Kamiya (神谷 浩史)

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