“Moriarty the Patriot” Anime Reveals Additional Cast and October Premiere

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The TV anime adaptation of Ryōsuke Takeuchi (竹内良輔) and Hikaru Miyoshi’s (三好 輝) mystery manga “Moriarty the Patriot” (憂国のモリアーティ) is confirmed to premiere this October.

A new key visual and three new cast members have been revealed. The cast includes Satoshi Hino (日野 聡) as Sebastian Moran, Yūto Uemura (上村祐翔) as Fred Porlock, and Yuuki Ono (小野友樹) as John H. Watson.

Also, “Ahiru no Sora” series composition Go Zappa (雑破 業) and “Haikyu!! “ series composition Taku Kishimoto (岸本 卓) joins hands for the series script. Tooru Ookubo (大久保 徹) is not only designing the characters, but also serving as chief animation director.


The series tells the story of how James Moriarty became one of the worst enemies of Britain and Sherlock Holmes’s most famous antagonist.

The story takes place in London 1866 where there is strict classism; Albert, the firstborn of Moriarty’s noble family, finds in an orphanage two young brothers, Lewis and James. Surprised by their culture, he decides to adopt them. The three will decide to fight against the aristocracy of London to change the unfair society.

Staff and Production

Original Works: Ryōsuke Takeuchi (竹内良輔) and Hikaru Miyoshi (三好 輝)【Serialized in Jump Square】
Director: Kazuya Nomura (野村 和也)
Series Composition: Go Zappa (雑破 業), Taku Kishimoto (岸本 卓)
Character Design & Art Director: Tooru Ookubo (大久保 徹)
Coloring: Sayoko Noda (野田採芳子)
Art Director: Yoshio Tanioka (谷岡善王) from Bihou
Compositing Director of Photography: Hiroshi Tanaka (田中宏侍), Fumika Takahashi (髙橋文花)
3D Director: Chiaki Kumakura (熊倉ちあき) from IKIF+
Editing: Junichi Uematsu (植松淳一)
Sound Director: Shōji Hata (はたしょう二)
Music: Asami Tachibana (橘 麻美)
Animation: Production I.G

Character and Cast

■ William James Moriarty – CV: Sōma Saitō (斉藤 壮馬)
■ Albert James Moriarty – CV: Takuya Satō (佐藤 拓也)
■ Louis James Moriarty – CV: Chiaki Kobayashi (小林千晃)
■ Sherlock Holmes – CV: Makoto Furukawa (古川 慎)
■ Sebastian Moran – CV: Satoshi Hino (日野 聡)
■ Fred Porlock – CV: Yūto Uemura (上村祐翔)
■ John H. Watson – CV: Yuuki Ono (小野友樹)

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