Bushiroad’s “D4DJ Groovy Mix” Release Date Confirmed on October 25! Pre-registration Reaching 777,777 Unlocks Cover Songs from “Tokyo 7th Sister”!

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Bushiroad announces that its upcoming DJ-themed rhythm mobile game “D4DJ Groovy Mix” will release on 15th October 2020. To celebrate the game’s pre-registration reaching 777,777 milestones, cover songs from “Tokyo 7th Sisters” will be added to the game!



The game features a fully-voiced original story for players to learn more about the life of the“D4DJ” units. More than a hundred renowned and original songs will be available. Players can also create your own medley songs in the medley mode.

Train your favorite DJ and produce the best performance on stage. You can also customize the stage’s decoration and equipment according to your own preference. Cards with the highest rarity can be transformed into an animated live 2D version.

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration of the game and downloads of its trial version, D4DJ GROOVY MIX D4U EDITION, has reached 777,777 milestones! It has been announced that the cover version of the theme songs of “Tokyo 7th Sisters” will be added as playable songs in the game. The cover titles will be announced later.

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D4DJ Groovy Mix D4DJ Groovy Mix D4DJ Groovy Mix 株式会社ブシロード Release Date: October 25, 2020 Pre-registerD4DJ GROOVY MIX D4U EDITION D4DJ GROOVY MIX D4U EDITION D4DJ GROOVY MIX D4U EDITION 株式会社ブシロード 4.4 More
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