“Fate/EXTRA” Game Remake “Fate/EXTRA Record” Announced!

Mr. Qoo

Type-Moon Studio BB today (22nd July) announces the development of “Fate/EXTRA Record,” a remake of the dungeon crawler RPG “Fate/EXTRA” that was released in July 2010.

The new game is developing with Unreal Engine and will be available for “current generation platforms.” The release date was not announced.

TYPE-MOON’s Kinoko Nasu (奈須きのこ) is credited for the original story and scenario, with Takashi Takeuchi (武内崇) credited as the original character design. TYPE-MOON studio BB’s Kazuya Niino (新納一哉) is the director and Arco Wada (ワダアルコ) is the character designer.

1st Trailer

10th Anniversary Live Stream

Type-Moon Studio BB will host a “Fate/EXTRA Series 10th Anniversary Live Stream” on 22nd July at 20:00 [JST], where it will share the latest information on the newly announced remake, as well as the Fate/EXTRA series.

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