“MapleStory M” x “Hatsune Miku” Collaboration Held Until August 13

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NEXON’s smartphone game “MapleStory M” yesterday (30th July) started a collaboration event with Vocaloid singer “Hatsune Miku” on its Japanese server. The event features a mini rhythm game, where players can obtain Miku’s collaboration outfit.

Collaboration period: 30th July 2020 (Thur)~13th August 2020 (Thur) 09:59 [JPT]

Miku’s Puru Puru Concert

The mini-rhythm game “Miku’s Puru Puru Concert” (ミクのぷるぷるコンサート) features threes songs. After completing the songs in Hard level with SS rank, players will be able to obtain the special Miku’s outfit.

Protect Miku!

Protect Miku from her passionate fans! Miku, her stylist, and bodyguard have different skills and you can use their skills to defend Miku from harm! Clear specific missions will get you collaboration emblems.

Collaboration Shop

Collect coins from the“Miku’s Puru Puru Concert” and “Protect Miku!” events and use them to exchange collaboration items and outfits.

Lucky Draw

Five players who participate in the “Miku’s Puru Puru Concert” event will have the opportunity to obtain a special costume set.

Special Packages

Special packages including microphone ride, damage skin, Miku’s soul stone, special outfit are also on sale in the shop.

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