“Dogeza de Tanondemita” Comedy Manga Gets Short Anime Adaptation

Mr. Qoo

Kazuki Funatsu’s (ふなつかずき) popular dōjinshi “Dogeza de Tanondemita”/ “I Tried Asking While Kowtowing” (土下座で頼んでみた) is confirmed to inspire a short anime series. A teaser visual and the main staff are revealed.

Shinpei Nagai (永居慎平), director “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” is directing the series. He is also credited as the animatics creator. HARIBOTE is designing the characters.

▼ Illustration posted by Funatsu to celebrate the announcement

About the Series

“Dogeza de Tanondemita” is a sexual comedy manga series created by Kazuki Funatsu. It was originally published as a webcomic through Funatsu’s Twitter account, and has since been collected in one tankōbon volume and published by Kadokawa Shoten.

The series follows Suware Doge, a man who bows in front of young women while asking to see their underwear, and focuses on their reactions to him.

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