“Date A Live: Ren Dystopia” Reveals Opening Movie, Gameplay Video and Screenshots

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Compile Heart’s upcoming ADV game “Date A Live: Ren Dystopia” (デート・ア・ライブ 蓮ディストピア) has revealed the opening movie, a 5-minute gameplay video and several new screenshots. The game is set to release on 24th September 2020 for PS4 in Japan.

The game’s story begins on a normal night, when Shido dreams of a voice calling out from within a deep darkness. When he wakes up in the morning, he finds a box decorated with serpentine patterns by his bedside. At first he thinks it is a prank, but it then drags him to a huge incident when he opens it.

The light novels’ author Koushi Tachibana (橘 公司) is credited for the original draft of the story.

Gameplay Video

The gameplay video shares a scene when Natsumi Kyouno (鏡野七罪) turns into her adult form to wake Shido up. But she returns to her little girl’s form after her magic depletes. Apart from Natsumi, Kotori Itsuka (五河 琴里) and Miku Izayoi (誘宵 美九) can also be found in the footage.


Nine more screenshots have been revealed on the official site, implying that the game will includes both daily-life and dating episodes.

Official Site

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