Another Tale of Momotarō! “Peach Boy Riverside” Manga Confirms TV Anime in July 2021!

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Based on the famous Japanese folklore Momotarō, Coolkyoushinja (クール教信者) and Johanne’s (ヨハネ) “Peach Boy Riverside” (ピーチボーイリバーサイド) manga is confirmed to inspire a TV anime series that is set to premiere in July 2021.

A teaser visual and video showcasing the eerie smile of the series protagonists, Sally and Makoto, are also revealed. Haruka Shiraishi (白石晴香) and Nao Tōyama (東山奈央) will play as Sally and Makoto respectively.

▼ A celebration illustration by the manga’s author Coolkyoushinja

Teaser Video


Sally is a bright, cheerful princess who wants to go on an adventure because she is bored of her tiny little castle in the countryside.

One day, a hoard of vicious demons known as “Oni” come knocking on her doorstep, threatening the lives of everyone in the Kingdom. Thankfully, they are saved by a lone traveler named Mikoto who slays these monsters with a mysterious “Peach Eye”.

Shocked by the dangers of the outside world, Sari decides to set off on a journey of her own. Little did she know that she will set in motion a chain of events that will come to determine the fate of this magical world.

Characters and Cast

■ Sally – CV: Haruka Shiraishi (白石晴香)
Sally is the princess of a small peaceful kingdom. She meets Mikoto and embarks on a journey to the outside world. A certain incident awakens the power of the peach within her — a power to fight demons.

■ Makoto – CV: Nao Tōyama (東山奈央)
Makoto is a boy known as the “demon hunter” possessing the power of the peach. He bears an intense hatred of demons and journeys with his dog to rid the world of them.

Staff and Production

Original Works: Coolkyoushinja and Johanne  [Serialized in Kodansha’s Shōnen Magazine R and MagaPocke app]
Director: Shigeru Ueda (上田 繁)
Series Composition: Keiichirō Ōchi (大知慶一郎)
Character Design: Satomi Kurita (栗田聡美), Masato Katou (加藤真人)
Animation: Asahi Production

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