“L'étranger de la Plage” BL Anime Film Official Trailer Previews MONO NO AWARE’s Theme Song

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The anime film adaptation of Kii Kanna’s (紀伊 カンナ) BL manga “L’étranger de la Plage” (海辺のエトランゼ) reveals the key visual and official trailer. The movie will debut in Japan’s theatres on 11th September 2020.

The official trailer previews the movie’s theme song Zokkon (ゾッコン), performed by MONO NO AWARE.

Official Trailer


Shun Hashimoto is a gay novelist living in Okinawa, and he becomes attracted to Mio Chibana, an orphaned high school student living with his relatives after his mother’s death.

Shun becomes interested in Mio; however, Mio’s reaction to his advances reminds him of the estrangement from his parents after they discovered his sexual orientation.

As Shun and Mio grow closer, Mio confesses that he is moving to an orphanage on the mainland but promises to return once he is older.

Staff and Production

Original Works: Kii Kanna (紀伊 カンナ) [Shodensha on BLUE comic]
Director & Scripts: Akiyo Ohashi (大橋明代)
Character Design & Supervisor: Kii Kanna (紀伊 カンナ)
Chief Animation Director: Mayumi Watanabe (渡辺真由美)
Effects Animation Director: Takashi Hashimoto (橋本敬史)
Art Director: Yumiko Kuga (空閑由美子) from Studio Jack
Color design: Kumiko Yanagisawa (柳澤久美子)
Photography Director: Tomoko Minobe (美濃部朋子)
Editing: Masaki Sakamoto (坂本雅紀)
Music: Mina Kubota (窪田ミナ)
Music Production: Shochiku Records
Sound Director: Akiko Fujita (藤田亜紀子)
Sound Effects: Eiko Morikawa (森川永子)
Recording: Shu Gong Lin (林淑恭)
Sound Production: HALF H·P STUDIO
Animation: Studio Hibari


■ Shun Hashimoto (橋本駿) – CV: Taishi Murata (村田太志)
■ Mio Chibana (知花実央) – CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (松岡禎丞)
■ Sakurako (桜子) – CV: Yu Shimamura (嶋村 侑)
■ Eri (絵理) – CV: Kanae Itō (伊藤 かな恵)
■ Suzu (鈴) – CV: Sayaka Nakaya (仲谷明香)
■ Grandma – CV: Hana Satou (佐藤はな)

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