“Utano Princesama: Shining Live” 3rd Anniversary Campaigns Start Today!

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KLab’s popular rhythm smartphone game “Utano Princesama: Shining Live” today (28th August) celebrates the 3rd anniversary with a bunch of new campaigns!

3rd Anniversary Campaigns

■ 3rd Anniversary “Love My Idol” UR Photos
The 3rd Anniversary Parade Step-Up Photo Shoot features new UR photos and the first pull is free!

■ 3rd anniversary Sets
A special Photo Shoot Pass that guarantees at least one 3rd Anniversary UR “Love My Idol” Photo is available in the Shop.

■ Event Story Voting: Round 2
Vote for your favorite event story and the winning story for each idol will have a fully-voiced version!

■ Special Login Bonus
Players who login the game can obtain 300 Prisms. The login bonus is available until 30th September, 12:59 am [EST]

■ Photo Power Up Campaign
Special songs will be available and they will have a huge reward boost for Idol Gems, Special Gems, and Sub Skill Boosters! The campaign is available available until 30th September, 12:59 am [EST]

■”Maji Love Legend Star” and “Kizuna” added to Special Songs
The two song will be available as Special Songs until 30th September, 12:59 am [EST]. You can also play both on Master difficulty.

■ CG Star Live Collaboration
A “ST☆RISH Secret Party” special video will be available when you play “Maji Love Legend Star” live shows! A CG live performance of “QUARTET NIGHT Like a Game” is also scheduled to open in Japan!

■ Drama CD
The Shining Academy and Noble Institute story series is getting a drama CD. The CD will also feature a completely original story after the event story!

■ More Birthday Content
Players can now give your favorite present during his birthday. You will also be able to replay the birthday greeting scene as many times as you want.

3rd Anniversary Site

Official Site

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