Card game Shadowverse crossovers with Granblue Fantasy to release new card back

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Cygames’ PC/mobile card game Shadowverse(シャドウバース)is now holding a crossover event with mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy(グランブルーファンタジー)to release new card backs and avatars. From 16:00 on 23rd February to 15:59 on 10th March, players can get the latest release through log-in rewards and special events.

Log-in rewards:

1 day: Granblue Olivier (avatar)
2 day: 50 golds
3 days: 50 golds
4 days: Bahamut pack ticket x1
5 days: Granblue Olivier (card back)


Win three times with Yuel
Reward: Granblue Yuel (avatar)
Win six times with Yuel
Reward: Granblue Yuel (card back)

Win three times with Royal
Reward: Granblue Albert (avatar)
Win six times with Royal
Reward: Granblue Albert (card back)

Win three times with Witch
Reward: Granblue  Magisa (avatar)
Win six times with Witch
Reward: Granblue  Magisa (card back)

Win three times with Dragon
Reward: Granblue Forte (avatar)
Win six times with Dragon
Reward: Granblue Forte (card back)

Win three times with Necromancer
Reward: Granblue Kerberos (avatar)
Win six times with Necromancer
Reward: Granblue Kerberos (card back)

Win three times with Vampire
Reward: Granblue Vania (avatar)
Win six times with Vampire
Reward: Granblue Vania (card back)

Win three times with Bishop
Reward: Granblue Joan of Arc (avatar)
Win six times with Bishop
Reward: Granblue Joan of Arc (card back)

Win ten times
Reward: Granblue Bahamut (avatar)
Win twenty times
Reward: Granblue Bahamut (card back) 


Preview of some card backs:

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