“Tales of the Rays” Mobile Game Streams Animated Video for New Story Arc “Last Cradle”

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Bandai Namco’s mobile RPG “Tales of the Rays” starts streaming an animated video for its upcoming new story arc “Last Cradle”. The video is animated by WIT STUDIO and features a theme song by Korean singer BoA.

Animated Video


The new chapter follows Kocis as he leaves Ix after the battle with Morian. He arrives in Naza, a land that is known as the virtual mirror world. In order to accept Astelle, he joins Ikus and his companions. Meanwhile, Senel follows the intel and chases after Moses. The Empire is secretly plotting plans to revive Nibelung.

Special Campaign

The game is currently holding a special campaign until 31st December, in which you can choose 4 of your favorite characters over 150 characters! In addition, tickets for ★ 3 and ★ 4 equipment will be distributed at the same time.

Clear the mission to obtain a maximum of 240 gacha draws!

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