“Summons Board” x “Code Geass” 2nd Collaboration Starts Today

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GungHo’s smartphone RPG “Summons Board” today (29th October) starts the 2nd collaboration with TV anime “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”. Login to obtain collaboration character Kallen Stadtfeld (Fall Outfit ver.) and Black Knights Zero!

Collaboration Gacha

The collaboration gacha features collaboration characters, Accomplice Lelouch & C.C. and Zero & Albion Zero.

Collaboration Dungeon

Collect the emblems in the special dungeon, Holy Britannian Empire and European Union and use it draws the special gacha featuring collaboration characters C.C&Lancelot・Frontier, Gino & Tristan‧Divider, Monica & Florence, Milly, etc.

Exchange Shop

Previously collaborated characters are now available for exchange in the Shop.

Special Site

Official Site

Official Twitter


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