Hiroyuki’s “Kanojo mo Kanojo” Romantic Comedy Confirms TV Anime for 2021

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Hiroyuki’s “Kanojo mo Kanojo” (カノジョも彼女) romantic comedy manga is confirmed to inspire a TV anime for 2021. The manga received an anime adaptation shortly after it began serialization eight months ago.

About the Series

Known for his work “Aho Girl,” “The Comic Artist and His Assistants,” and “Doujin Work,” Hiroyuki began serializing “Kanojo mo Kanojo” in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on 4th March. The manga’s 3rd volume releases today on 17th November.

The series follows Naoya Mukai, who had recently begun a relationship with his childhood friend Saki Saki. Nagisa Minase, his classmate, decides to confess her feelings to him as well, and after some initial hesitation accepts her request to be her boyfriend as well. Naoya decides that he will have both Saki and Nagisa as girlfriends at the time. As Naoya currently lives alone due to his parents living elsewhere for work, Saki and Nagisa decide to live with him.

The series follows their daily school life, as Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa experience difficulties and challenges in maintaining their love triangle relationship.

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