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Mobile Idle RPG "X-HERO: Idle Avengers" Launches on Mobile!

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Glacier Games has launched their latest mobile title, X-HERO: IDle Avengers for the US and Europe! New players will receive free summon scrolls and more if they start now!

<<Official X-HERO: Idle Avengers Press Release>>

The most-anticipated, 2020 brand-new idle card RPG game, X-Hero: Idle Avengers will be available on iOS/Android in North America and Europe on December 28th! Discounts, gifts, and bonuses will be released non-stop during the first launch, not to mention a mysterious S+ Hero and free Summon Scrolls! Players would go through different lives and stories of superheroes in an adventurous space world where they can enjoy a unique art-style of comics!
Come board on the spaceship and start your journey to the sea of stars!

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Space Theme Superhero Comics of Unique Art-style

As a masterpiece launched by Glacier Games in 2020, X-Hero upholds the high production level of Glacier Games, creating a whole new world for players around the world. In this game, players would be a Space Commander from Earth, leading teams of Superheroes to resist the attacks of enemies from different Dimensions and become the Guardians of Earth.
The unique art-style of the game, favored by most players, is one of X-Hero’s eye-catching features. Characters and scenes are presented in realistic art style and strong color collisions. Combined with distinct comic battle scenes, it would definitely be a boon for comic lovers.

New Stories and Definitions for Superheroes

Other than the comic art-style, Superheroes in X-HERO: Idle Avengers have also won countless fans. In an immersive world where ancient civilization fiercely collides with future technology, Heroes from six Races, Superman, Dark, Nature, Technology, God, and Universe, compete for their glory and place in the world. New definitions are given to these well-known Superheroes. There are hundreds of Hero Biography in X-Hero: Idle Avengers, telling worth-reading stories of Hero’s secretive past.

Diverse Gameplays with Less Time Spent!

Even as an idle game, X-Hero does have different gameplays in which players could spend less time to upgrade their Heroes. Either start card collection, sweep the Star Trek, track the Galaxy Wanted criminals, or even dive into Space Discovery for hidden treasure, players could choose what they want.
Abundant offline resources are available for players to grab when they enter the game. With just a touch of the fingers, players could start to collect and train Heroes, releasing them from a long “grindy” process.

Bonuses Limited only for First Launch

X-Hero: Idle Avengers would be available on all platforms in North America and Europe on December 28th. There will be bonuses and gifts non-stop released waiting for you to grab, let alone Summon Scrolls and Exchange Codes given out in our Discord community! Even a mysterious S+ Hero would be given out freely once the download reaches 100,000!

Download X-Hero: Idle Avengers now and step foot on a journey adventuring an unknown world!

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Official Discord

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