“Cosmo Player Z” Mobile Shooter Game Launches on February 13

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Indie game developer SOMMIT GAMES confirms that the shooter game “Cosmo Player Z” (コスモプレイヤーZ) will release for iOS and Android on 13th February. The game is absolutely free with no in-app purchase.


Game Feature

“Cosmo Player Z” is a casual shooter game, where players aim to clear a hierarchical dungeon. Players will be able to manipulate the characters with just one finger, while attacking the enemy with auto aim.

■ Select the Skills with Tactics
As you progress through the dungeon, you can select and acquire one of the skills randomly. Skill is an important factor for you to determine strategy such as close combat and long range combat.

In addition, the “skill combo” generated by different skill combinations has the power to wipe out all enemies. You also need luck to draw the appropriate skills to clear the dungeons.

■ Change Costume for Your Characters
Some skills change the outfit of your character. Not only can you choose strategically superior skills, but you can also choose to coordinate the fashion of your characters. You can also get bonus rewards if you clear the area with the designated outfit, including hairstyles, tops and bottoms.

■ Unique Boss
The game features a bunch of bosses with unique characteristics. They include a star dictator who is only allowed to wear cute clothes, a star princess who has been a motorcycle thief since the age of 5, and a fashion designer who fights remotely. The short story woven by unique enemies and refined character design are also the highlight of this work.

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